Why You Should Always Buy a Family Friendly Home

and get money to help purchase it!

family friendly vacationsOften many only consider a family friendly place when planning a vacation; but it is also imperative to pay quite as much attention to this very important factor when deciding to buy a home whether you are a first time buyers or not. Although it is essential your whole family enjoys themselves while vacationing together by opting for a family oriented environment; it is even more imperative when purchasing a house. You want to ensure your everyday life is experienced in a home that is family friendly; as well as help you safeguard your financial investment when you choose to sell that home down the road.

family friendly homes with yardsPurchasing a home is a fantastic experience as it usually marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life full of opportunity and the chance to redesign your daily living environment. If you have been living in a small apartment, then you have the opportunity to purchase a home with a huge backyard for safe recreational activities and gardening as well as a garage or other areas with plenty of storage space.

If you have been living on a busy street in the middle of a big city, then you have the chance to move to a more rural area with peaceful and quiet surroundings. Whatever the case is, choosing the perfect home and location for a better quality of life offers plenty to look forward to.

There are certainly serious issues that need to be taken care of throughout your home buying process with the help of your broker; such as arranging financing, having inspections completed and doing your research about different areas that you consider possible locations. Of course, those are just a few of the items that will most likely be on your "to do" list while shopping for a new home.

In the midst of the excitement of searching for the perfect house and taking care of all the various tasks that need to be handled along the way, it can sometimes be easy to lose sight of one of the most important elements of a new home purchase. It’s fairly obvious you want to make sure that you pay an fair price for your new home and it’s important to ensure the house is in good condition as well.

However, did you make sure the home is family friendly? Is it important for your new home to be family friendly? If these are questions you haven’t thought about much throughout your home shopping experience, you may want to stop for a few minutes and think about them now. Ensuring your new home is family friendly is near the top of the list for most important aspects of buying a new house.

What is a Family Friendly Home?

Family Friendly HomeA family friendly home is a house that can offer a family with children of all ages the qualities that are important to everyone in the household for both comfort and practicality. A majority of people that are in the market to purchase a new home have families or plan on having a family at some point in the future. Therefore, homes that offer family friendly elements are much more desirable which means they sell faster and many times for higher values.

In order to appeal to buyers with families, a home must have certain qualities that will fit their lifestyle from a comfort standpoint as well as being functional.

Elements Important to Families

Family Friendly Homes LocationLocation

The location of a home is important to families for convenience, safety and educational reasons. While a particular school district may not be important to you if you do not have kids, for people with children that will be attending school it is a very important issue. Of course, they also want to be in an area that is safe for their kids to play outside and convenient to get to the grocery store or gas station without driving a long distance.

Family Friendly Homes SafetySafety

Safety can be a big issue for families with small children. If a home has a pool or steep stairways, then it might not be a good fit for many buyers. It’s important to look at the home you are considering purchasing and think about safety factors for young kids that would be playing around the house.

Family Friendly Homes SizeSize and Function

If you are living day-to-day with five or six people in a home, it is much different than only two people trying to exist in the same space. Larger entertainment rooms, bigger kitchens, open floor plans and lots of storage space are all things that cater well to families.

Additionally, the number of separate bedrooms and bathrooms is important. Once the children start to get older, a family has to start making arrangements for the kids to begin having their own space in some form or fashion and you certainly want to avoid a waiting line or arguments about the use of bath facilities.

Why a Family Friendly Home?

The main reason you should ensure you purchase a family friendly home is because it gives you more options several years down the road. It is extremely difficult for anyone to predict exactly what their life situation will look like two years from now, not to even mention five or ten years into the future. With any real estate purchase, you have two conflicting forces, a long-term commitment and an unpredictable course of life.

Therefore, you want to purchase a home that gives you options for both the short-term and long-term outlook. Additionally, you have to take into consideration not only what you want in a home but also what most other people are looking for in a home, in the event you want to sell the home quickly. Regardless of what you think your timeline for keeping a home might be, the variables in both shorter and longer term ownership make purchasing a family friendly home the smart thing to do.

Many people who purchase real estate tend to have a very short-term perspective, at least short-term relative to the lengthy commitment that most real estate purchases represent. Keep in mind that most individuals who purchase a new home obtain a mortgage to do so. The mortgage will typically involve a repayment term of between 15 and 30 years, a relatively long period of time.

Additionally, a large majority of homeowners do not sell and buy houses every few months, once they buy a home they normally establish themselves in the community and stay for an extended amount of time. Therefore, with all the conflicts involved with long-term commitments and the sudden changes that can happen in life, it is imperative to own property that is in demand by a large segment of the marketplace and offers you flexibility as well.

Purchase a Home for What is and What Might Become!

The bottom line is your home purchase should take into account what is your situation today and what might become your situation in an undetermined amount of time. A family friendly home allows your lifestyle to grow and adjust without having to move in order to accommodate having a child or more children. If the home you purchase has the elements that are important to families then it will offer you flexibility as well for all types of changes in lifestyle.

First Time Home BuyersIn the event you need to sell the home, it will be much easier and faster to sell if it caters to buyers that are looking for the elements we have described above. When you work with an experienced realtor at Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc. they will help steer you in the right direction in selecting a home that is a good decision for the long-term. Your broker will work with you to find a home that serves your immediate needs, is family friendly and offers you the best options for a lifestyle changes down the road. They can also assist your with your home buying financial needs and requirements like procuring a free down payment assistance program that never has to be paid back or actual cash back at closing or help with closing costs.

Contact us today 303 300 9660 to have a licensed experienced broker help you purchase your family friendly home with either free down payment assistance or buyers cash back at closing in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Ft Collins areas.

Some of the best Colorado Towns, Cities or Suburbs for Family Friendly Homes

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Arvada is a little northwest of downtown Denver and is located in Jefferson County known as one of the best school districts in Colorado. Arvada has a variety of well-kept neighborhoods and hosts the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities with multiple cultural events and activities and easy access to the mountains to the west; a gateway to multiple outdoor mountain activities.

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Boulder MLS and Buyers Guide

Boulder is northwest of Denver and is the home to the University of Colorado. Boulder has a small city atmosphere as well as many outdoor enthusiast activities. It is access into the mountains with hiking at Chautauqua and the downtown area you can stroll the Pearl Street Mall with many shopping and dining choices as well as do the gallery hop, and participate in other activities and events for the whole family. The city of Boulder is a smoke free environment. Search Homes in Boulder

Castle Rock

Castle Rock between Denver and Colorado Springs is one of the areas first established as a bedroom community with a short 15 minute commute to the Denver Tech Center. The Outlets at Castle Rock provide convenient brand named discount oriented shopping.
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Centennial to the south of Denver and Cherry Creek State Park where you will find Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater and excellent schools like Heritage Elementary.
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Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village south of Denver is a prosperous Denver suburb with multiple home buying options within neighborhoods with parks and playgrounds, highly rated schools and a quick commute to Downtown Denver.

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Louisville approximately 20 minutes northwest of Denver provides ample wide-open spaces, and homes with large lots and playgrounds perfect for your family activities.

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Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods Colorado

Colorado Springs is the home seat of El Paso County. It sits along the front range, the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains approximately 60 miles south of Denver along the I25 corridor. There is a good public bus system and an airport making it unnecessary to drive to Denver to fly. Colorado Springs is also home to the Air Force Academy, Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, the Broadmoor Hotel, the Olympic Training Center and many other family oriented indoor and outdoor activities. Search Homes in Colorado Springs

Ft Collins

Someone recently described living in Ft Collins was liken to living in a playground. Fort Collins is the county seat of Larimer County. It is situated on the Cache La Poudre River along the Colorado Front Range, Fort Collins is located 65 miles north of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.

Fort Collins is home to four major high schools and several charter schools with middle school and high school grades. Colorado State University heads up the choices in higher education. Front Range Community College also maintains a campus in the city, and grants associate's degrees in arts, science, general studies, and applied science. The college offers 17 high school vocational programs and more than 90 continuing education classes. Additionally, the University of Phoenix and Regis University maintain satellite campuses there.

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