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How to Score a Quick Sale at Top Dollar in Smoking Hot Denver Market
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Timing, Price, Appearance and Incentives

It seems almost a moot point to offer advice on selling a home in Colorado; especially along the front range parallel, the I-25 corridor, starting with Denver and extending out within a 30-60 mile radius including Colorado Springs, Boulder and Ft Collins. Homes within this area are priced up to $350,000 plus range and are selling within days or even hours after placing them on the market.

With the Denver area rated the number one hottest real estate market in the country and Colorado Springs rated as the 5th hottest real estate market, there are roughly a 100,000 people a year who have already moved or are planning to move to this beautiful, and favorable climate state. Denver Colorado has an abundance of indoor and outdoor activities, including every season of the year. All of these benefits coupled with new construction at a low have caused a housing inventory shortage. The result being many home buyers are clamoring for the same home and perched in place to cause your home to sell quickly.

In light of this continuously rising seller's market you would think there is nothing more you need do other than list your home on the MLS, plant a sign in the front lawn and sit back while the offers to purchase come pouring in. In many cases this is so; yet despite the competition for homes; with a little helpful advice using a couple of common sense, inexpensive Colorado home selling tips your home can sell faster, possibly for more money by following the advice below to create a greater value on your home than the comparable home down the street or across town.

Although there may be multiple home buyers endlessly searching the internet or driving the neighborhoods who are more than ready to jump at the change to submit an offer on any home that hits the market as long as it fits within their budget. They are nonetheless either savvy buyers who intend to get the best value for their buck as well. Every home buyer has considerations based on personal needs or preferences that when viewing a home will either propel them to leap into in a bidding war or may cause them to hesitate regardless of the fierce competition. So even within a hot seller's market there are always a few things a home seller can do to create greater value in the minds of a buyer.

The Top 4 Tips for Selling Your Home in Colorado

Springtime in the Rockies - The best season to list your home

Tips for selling your home in Colorado

Historically as the weather warms up so does the home buying activity, especially in Colorado. The most active season is between April through June and then again in September through November. Although things normally slow down a bit particularly in the winter months, this last 2015-2016 season there were far greater homes sales than in previous years.

Price it Right

For a fast home property sell - Price it Right

Home prices continue to rise in Colorado, yet It is important that you price your home right to begin with. You don't want to overprice it assuming the hot market and low inventory is justification for doing so. Start out with getting a fair market value to determine the right price for your home based on the area it is located in. When you price your home correctly, the competing buyers can automatically raise the price for you. You do not want to risk hurting yourself in the long run if you start out overpriced causing your home to linger on the market longer than necessary.. Time is always money and a home lingering on the market can possibly give potential purchasers the impression there is something wrong with it. You do not want to deter even the most enthusiastic by deflating their motivation to even have a look at an inflated price tag.

Appearance-Staging inside and Out

It goes without saying that as long as a home is priced at the fair market value; the better a home shows the faster it sells

Declutter and Depersonalize

You want to pack away or throw away all the extra clutter and personal items; as you want a potential buyer to be able to imagine themselves and their family living in the space. Even too much furniture is considered clutter and needs to be removed to properly stage a home for sale. Removing excess or oversized pieces will make your home appear larger. The more decluttered and depersonalized the faster your home will sell.

Clean your house really well. What you may think is clean others may think is not. You want to get into all the nook and crannies, making sure to wipe down trim, light switch plates and all the little fine details that go unnoticed by you each day. These are the very items a buyer will notice. A clean home says someone has loved and cared for this space. A messy or dirty home causes a buyer to believe nothing else was maintained either.

Clean Windows

Clean Windows prior to have an open house to show property

Many Realtors will agree clean windows leads to a faster sale. Cleaning your windows adds to the overall feeling of the space. When the windows are clean and sparkling it gives the home a fresher newer appearance. Most people will not be able to articulate exactly what they are sensing with the windows clean; they just have an overall better feeling about the entire home. Most often they will not even notice the clean windows, but they will if they are dirty. Better they have a good feeling without explanation rather than walking thru or leaving with a bad taste in their mouth.

Staging Interior

Property for sale - Staging Interior

Staging is important because so many people don't have the ability to envision themselves living in a space if they only see four bare walls.

Remove all excess furniture and rearrange sofa and chairs into comfy conversational settings or other unique space settings. Each room or area should have a focal point that feels warm and inviting. Be sure not to push everything against the walls, you can accomplish unique comfortable settings in each room while still making sure there is a clear path to move about and through the space.

Redo any junk or collection rooms by giving them a purpose with value. Even if it is only a clean room staged as a reading room with a comfy chair, a small table and lamp.

To make your home or a room look larger paint all the walls the same color for at minimum two adjacent rooms. The more walls colored differently the more the illusion of limited space or chopped up it appears. When you have a seamless flow of color; especially a light neutral color the larger your home will appear. When you use neutral wall colors this allows the buyer to imagine their own belongings in the space. Neutral colors go far beyond just off-white and tans these days; they can include soft greens, grays or blues. You can brighten the rooms inexpensively with a burst of color by using accessories in the form of accent pillows, lamps, flower arrangements or towels in bathrooms. Keep even the accessories clean and simple. Remember you want to create an overall feeling of an expanded space and well-being.

Staging Exterior

Begin with cleaning your outdoor space as well. Remove all excess items, any garbage or debris. Trim the bushes and trees, weed the garden. Get rid of any broken or torn furniture or any other unnecessary junk you may have launched out the back door during the winter months. Your exterior space should be equally inviting as your interior. A place that says come play and relax here.

Power wash or at minimum hose down the exterior of the house cleaning off any cobwebs, dirt, and dust or anything else that may be clinging to those walls.

Home Staging Exterior

Create an inviting recreational area with family-friendly or entertainment seating. Something that says bring your friends and loved ones to enjoy this outside space.

Incentives -Everyone likes to save a buck or make a buck!

At Colorado Flat Fee Realty there are incentives for both the home seller and buyer. The sellers save and the buyers earn.

The home seller can take advantage of paying less on their listing fee with a flat fee listing if you are selling only or a commission free listing if you are considering both selling and buying a new home. Sellers receive full real estate services (a state-regulated law) as well as a discounted listing fee to save thousands resulting in keeping more of their equity.

The home buyer; especially in the $350,000 range and lower will typically be more first-time purchasers who may need or simply choose to opt for financial assistance. Colorado Flat Fee Realty Inc. offers two programs for buyers. One is help with a down payment assistance program that provides up to $19,000 that never has to be paid back. The other is a buyer's rebate program that may be actual cash back at closing to be used in any manner the buyer sees fit or in some cases can be used towards closing cost. $3500 cash back on a $350,000 home is certainly a motivating incentive for one to choose to buy your home over another.

The best part for the seller is the cash incentives offered to buyers do not come out of the seller's pocket. The down payment assistance program is a federally funded program and the purchase rebate is paid by your broker out of his pocket as a share of the buyer's end commission. Neither of these programs cost you the seller a penny more and are great incentives to attract a buyer to purchase your home.

Now that you are ready to follow the Colorado Home Selling Tips, get started by choosing a discount real estate professional or simply fill out the form for more info!