Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

The best option for you to reduce the high cost of selling your home

With Flat Fee Listing Services,  the savings go into your pocket not the realtor's pocket.

Pay less, keep more of your home's equity;
Don't pay 6% commission.

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Flat Fee Listing Fee Schedule

What is the cost to list my home?
The designated Flat Fee below or 1% of the Purchase Price, whichever is greater.

List Price Flat Fee
Under $200,000 $1,500
$201,000 - $250,000 $2,000
$251,000 - $300,000 $2,500
$301,000 - $350,000 $3,000
$351,000 - $400,000 $3,500
$401,000 - $450,000 $4,000
$451,000 - $500,000 $4,500
$501,000 - $550,000 $5,000
$551,000 - $600,000 $5,500
$601,000 - $700,000 $6,000
$701,000 - $750,000 $6,500
$751,000 - $800,000 $7,000
$801,000 - $850,000 $7,500
$851,000 - $900,000 $8,000
$901,000 - $950,000 $8,500
$951,000 - $1,000,000 $9,000
Over $1,000,000 is 1% of list price  
An additional co-op applies.
No up front fees, all fees are collected at closing.
There is an additional Administration Fee of $495.00 to pay for 3rd party vendors.
Rate are subject to change.
All customers must have access to the internet.
Flat Fee Listing expense does not include a Coop Commission to the Buyer's Real Estate Agent

The Flat Fee Listing Service is a discounted fee; yet provides all real estate services in three easy steps. Although we use the internet for promotion and convenience; you will work face to face with a local realtor just like it has always been done.

Your Real Estate Broker will have a minimum of 20+ years experience and knows your neighborhood. The only thing that is different is you pay less, keep more, and save thousands. Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc. does the work so you keep more of your equity. Services include home valuation assistance, worldwide Multiple Listing Service (MLS) distribution, expert negotiating, real estate transaction management, showing and closing accompaniment and much more.

Step 1
Pre-Listing Includes:

Signing Listing Documents
Signing Listing documents
Home Staging Consultation
Home Staging Consultation

Step 2
Active Listing Includes:

Professional Photos
Professional Photos
Lock Box
Lock Box
Yard Sign Yard Sign
Internet Marketing Distribution
Internet Marketing Distribution
Scheduled Showings Desk
Scheduled Showings Desk

Step 3
Sales Contract to Closing Includes:

We handle all offers and negotiations
We handle all offers and negotiations
Easy and Convenient E-signing Capability
You benefit from easy & convenient E-signing capability.
We handle every detail at your side
You have us at your side handling every detail including accompanying you to the closing.

What is My Home Worth?

Find out what your home is worth or choose your Flat Fee Listing Service Broker now. You don't have to list your home alone as a for sale by owner in order to keep more of your equity. In Colorado many home sellers have already saved thousands with a Flat Fee Listing Service or a Commission Free Real Estate Listing.

What you should expect from and why you should choose a Flat Fee Listing Service

Many homeowners are now aware of a flat fee listing service, yet there are some who still believe they have to pay a high price in order to get full services. This is no longer true. In today's fast-moving real estate market there is no reason for you to pay more than necessary to market and sell your home. In many areas of the country real estate is on the upswing. It is a seller's market; as many properties are going under contract within days sometimes within hours and in many cases for considerably more money than the actual asking price. Many home sellers have already said no to the outdated 6% listing commission! So why would you pay the old listing fee of 6% or more to sell your home when you can save thousands and put the money in your pocket rather than the realtor's pocket.
The current fast-paced realty market is keeping brokers very busy yet they still have far less work than they did in the past. Even if it takes a little longer to get your home under contract there is no reason to pay a 6% or greater commission when you can benefit from the opportunity of a flat fee listing service. The actual amount of your savings, of course, depends on the sales price of your home; yet despite the closing price you still get to pay less and keep more of your equity.

Just because you are paying less does not mean you should expect anything less than full real estate services. For a low flat fee your home can be marketed and sold for a fraction of the cost of other Realtors who are not willing to participate in the new real estate marketing trend. As a seller your full flat fee listing service will begin with meeting one of our seasoned discount real estate brokers face to face at your home. They will discuss your specific needs and goals and with their extensive knowledge of your neighborhood, they will begin by providing you with a free home valuation; as well as all the other traditional real estate services plus some. It has worked for many other home sellers who are more than happy with their flat fee listing service and their savings.

Opting for a Flat Fee Listing Service is the smart financial choice to make when listing your home for sale.

You can join the many others who chose to pay less and keep more.
At Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc. we have multiple full traditional real estate service flat fee listing programs designed to fit your specific selling needs and financial budget.

You will be impressed by the efforts we take to make sure your property is marketed properly by including in your low Flat Fee Listing service multiple advertising platforms beyond the local or national MLS searchable websites. Your property will be featured on our Colorado Real Estate page with a full slideshow; as well as on all Social Media pages, and we do extensive Radio and TV ads to target and guide the appropriate buyer directly to your home.

To make your home even more attractive to a potential purchaser we promote a buyer’s cash back program with no extra cost to you the seller.

There is no reason to hesitate; you can get started now by watching a quick flat fee listing service video where you will learn more about the facts, the detailed services, and the cost.

Or to expedite your listing simply call 303-300-9660 to speak to one of our professional Real Estate brokers to find out which is the best option for you and to set your listing appointment today!

If you plan on purchasing you will want to know more about choosing a family friendly home and the financial incentives such as free down payment and cash back for all buyers as well as more info and financial help for first time home buyers.

You too can save thousands just like all our other happy Home sellers . Let us put a sold sign on your home as well with our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service!

Get Started - List Your Home with our Flat Fee Listing Service Today!

Sellers flat fee MLS listing service
Flat Fee Listing Service Seller's Savings are $35737.00

Home Seller's Savings $35,737.00
Plus Home Buyers Cash Back $6,000.00

Flat Fee Listing Service Seller's Savings

Home Seller's Savings $8,721.00
Plus Home Buyers Cash Back $5,145.00

Flat Fee Listing Service Seller's Savings

Home Seller's Savings $29,800.00

Flat Fee Listing Service Seller's Savings

Home Seller Saved $9,000.00
Plus Buyers Cash Back $2500.00

Flat Fee Listing Service - Home Seller Saved $13,851.00

Home Seller's Savings $13,851.00

Flat Fee Listing Service Seller's Savings

Home Seller's Savings $7393.00

Flat Fee Listing Buyers Cash Back

Home Seller Saved $8,721.00
Plus Home Buyer's Cash Back $5,145.00

Flat Fee Listing Buyers Cash Back

Home Seller Saved $14,975.00

Flat Fee Listing Buyers Cash Back

Home Seller's Savings $10,813.50

Flat Fee Listing Buyers Cash Back

Home Seller's Savings $14,599.00