Discount Real Estate Agents

Colorado Flat Fee Realty Inc., offers even greater savings to Home Sellers in Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft Collins and Boulder areas of Colorado.

Discount Real Estate Brokers

Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc., where top Discount Real Estate agents have been helping home seller's benefit by saving thousands of dollars with a discounted flat fee home listing rates or even a commission free listing; while co-oping brokers still earn 2.8% in the Denver Area or 3% in the Colorado Springs area.

This is important to know right off the bat, you, as a home seller, who desires to save money on the sale of your property, also wants to be certain your house will be professionally marketed. This must include making sure other participating Multiple Listing Service agent's representing the potential home buyer will show your home. There is no reason to sign up for services only to learn your home is being avoided by the very people who should be showing it because they fear earning less commission than they are used to.

The term discount real estate agents does not have to mean less than full real estate services to you the seller, nor does it mean diminished pay to cooperating real estate brokers. Unlike some flat fee realty companies or commission free real estate agents, when a property is listed by Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc. (CFFR) everyone benefits. We assure you really get FULL service by assuring other Real Estate agents show your home and participate in bringing about a sale they will earn their normal commission.

We make sure other board certified MLS agents are not asked to take less so that you can keep more. You will keep more of your equity while they include your home in their list of showings; as long as your property's criteria fits their customer's needs knowing they can be confident they will not be required to discount their commission. Your equity and their hard earned money is protected within our fee policy where all participating agents are assured of receiving a 2.8 % or more commission.

The Real Estate brokers at Colorado Flat Fee Realty are the ones willingly defined as the discount real estate agents because they happily give up a good portion of the traditional 6% listing fee so you, the home seller, can put more money in your pocket.

You may wonder how it is possibly to offer you such a cut rate deal so you can keep up to $3000 -$30000 or more, depending on the sale price of your home and still pay a home buyer's agent his/her 2.8% commission. It is because by offering to save the home seller thousands; Colorado Flat Fee Realty, Inc. benefits as well from the quantity of homes we sell. We don't lose anything by giving you more. In fact our flat fee listing service has made us the number one discount real estate agents allowing us to continue to offer you great savings.

The many sellers we have already serviced more than compensates for the listing fee reduction available to you. Although we take less, so you can keep more, we do not cutback on what you get for your money, regardless of what savings in fees you opt for we continue to provide everything you have come to expect and more within the scope of traditional realty services.

Making sure the buyer's agents are paid appropriately is one more vital ingredient that leads to the successful sale of your home when you list with one of our discount real estate agents.