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When you buy with Colorado Flat Fee Realty we give you back part of the commission. Just imagine what you can do with the extra money that comes from your home buyer's purchase rebate, cash back at closing.

As an incentive for all of our Buyers, if you use Colorado Flat Fee Realty to buy your home, any home in Colorado, you will get a 1% Rebate at closing. Call us for details, some restrictions apply. Advantage Plus Mortgage is a full service mortgage company with very good rates and service. Call 720-506-1100 *
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Buyer's Cash Back

Buyer's Cash Back

You can receive a home buyer's cash rebate at closing. The money is yours
to use towards closing costs, repairs,
updates or whatever you choose. *Rebate only valid for properties selling for $200,000. or more (cash transactions excluded). Buyer must sign our 1% Rebate contract in order to receive a rebate. Available only when the loan amount is equal to or exceeds $190,000.

Full Buyer Services

Full Buyer Services

You work with a professional licensed broker who not only
takes care of only you; but
shares their commission with you as well. Choose your broker now.

Search the MLS

Search the MLS

Easy and convenient MLS search to find your perfect home in Colorado and take advantage of cash back at closing or down payment assistance up to $19,000. that you never have to pay back.

Home Buyer's Cash Back Offer
Home Buyers Get $3000.00 Cash Back

Home Buyers Cash Back with Full Realtor Services

Yes it is true! If you are thinking of buying instead of renting, buying your first home or your next home it is time to know you can get paid when you purchase. We share our commission with you when you buy through us. You may also qualify for a free down payment that does not have to be paid back. You will also want to learn more whether it is important for you to purchase a family friendly home so that you begin your home search with the right criteria in mind. With our professional Real Estate Brokers who are experienced negotiators you will get the best price possible and get cash back to use as you see fit! Find out how much cash back you receive when you purchase, by sliding the dollar sign on the home buyer's cash back calculator below.*

Your broker will perform all the work and the negotiations solely on your behalf; as a buyers agent, not a transaction agent. As a home buyer, you want someone looking after you. A transaction broker has no more than a facilitator relationship, they may assist buyers, sellers, or both during the transaction without representing the interests of either party.

1. You will have a full discussion with the real estate broker of your choice to discuss your specific needs so you can determine your search criteria and parameters to be assured you will only view homes that suit your life style and your budget.

2. With 35 + years' experience in residential real estate; including owning a mortgage brokerage and a title company you will receive recommendations and guidance on mortgage companies who can pre-approve you to be able to determine the real price you can afford to facilitate a faster closing.

3. You have the advantage and convenience to search the MLS right from our website for the greater Denver area, Colorado Springs and Boulder including Ft Collins and all mountain and outlying areas to find your perfect home.

4. Your Broker will Schedule and accompany you to home viewings

5. You will benefit from our expertise on the most current market conditions to analyze and compare property values.

6. Your Broker will handle all document preparations, submissions and reviews i.e., offers to purchase, counter offers, sellers disclosure, appraisals, title commitment, settlement statements etc. You will need to sign our 1% Rebate contract in order to receive a rebate.

7. Your broker will assist and advise you on home inspections.

8. Your broker will accompany you on the final walk through.

9. Your broker will set up your closing with our in house transaction coordinator and accompany you at the closing table.

10. While your broker does all this; you can spend your time imagining how you will spend your home buyer's cash back.

Home Buyers Purchase Rebate How would you like help to pay for moving expenses, new flooring, new drapes, a deck, an updated kitchen or new bath. Or you may wish to buy that new crib for your baby on the way, take a family vacation, or even start a college fund. There are so many things we can pay for to help you when you buy a home with our buyer's purchase rebate. Real cash back to realize any one of your dreams! Rebate only valid for properties selling for $200k or more (cash transactions excluded). Only valid on mortgage loan amounts of $190,000.00 or more.
Purchase Rebate for New Flooring

New Floor Covering

Imagine having the cash to get rid of that outdated floor covering and purchase new more environmentally conscious carpet or wood flooring to keep your family safe.

Purchase Rebate for Moving Expenses

Moving Expenses

Imagine having the extra money to hire professional movers to do all the hard work for you!

Purchase Rebate for Kitchen Improvements

New Kitchen

Imagine having the money to update to stainless kitchen appliances, granite counter tops or possibly do a complete remodel.

Purchase Rebate for Bathroom Remodel

New Bath

Imagine remodeling the bathroom so you can soak in your own spa like environment of your dreams.

Home Buyers Purchase Rebate for New Windows

New Windows

Imagine having the cash to update your new home with energy saving windows.

Home Buyers Purchase Rebate for New Deck

New Deck

Imagine adding a new deck for entertaining family and friends or simply for relaxing.

Home Buyers Purchase Rebate for College Tuition

College Tuition

Imagine being able to start a college fund for your children.

Home Buyers Purchase Rebate for Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Imagine buying your perfect home and also having the money to go on vacation too! Or participate in some family fun activities and extended sightseeing in the Denver area.

Home Buyers Purchase Rebate for Savings Or Cash in your pocket…the possibilities are endless!
Home Buyers Purchase Rebate Search the MLS Now

To find your perfect home and get cash back.
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* Disclosure: The cash rebate is subject to RESPA regulations. Find out if you qualify today. Rebate only valid for properties selling for $200k or more.
Buyer must sign our 1% Rebate contract in order to receive a rebate. The 1% Rebate is subject to The Buyer signing a Buyer/Broker Agreement with CFFR.
Our Preferred Lender is Advantage Plus Mortgage (APM) which can offer free rate quotes and pre-approval letters prior to shopping. APM is partly owned by John Vizzi the Broker/Owner of CFFR. Always shop with other lenders for the best interest rate when obtaining a loan.